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API 7K SDS SDML SDXL Tubular Handling Tools Rotary Drill Pipe Slips

The drill pipe slip is a kind of handling tools specially used to handle drill pipe during the oil and gas well drilling operations for onshore as well as offshore. It is a basic and important tool for coupling and uncoupling while drilling operation. The drill pipe slip is designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K Specification for drilling and well servicing equipment.

    Product description

    • Drill-Pile-Slipskkk

    The drill pipe slip is mainly composed of slip sheets, slip teeth and handles. Among them, the slip sheet is the main component of the drill pipe slip, which is usually made of high-quality metal materials and has a good hardness and wear resistance. Slip teeth are a key component of drill pipe slip that is used to bite into drill pipes and is usually made of forged high-strength alloy steel with excellent hardness and wear resistance. 
    The drill pipe slips can also be divided into three-piece, four-piece and other structural forms to meet the needs of different drilling conditions. At the same time, in order to improve the clamping force and stability of the sliding teeth, mechanisms such as ball bearings or springs can also be installed on the sliding teeth to reduce friction and increase service life.
    The drill Pipe Slip has a unique full wrap around grip and insert design to prevent damage to the drill pipe. The design of the slips with its dove tail slots holds the inserts securely in place and are easily changed for different size pipes. Three different sizes: Short (SDS=75 tons) for the shallow hole drilling, Medium (SDML=125 tons) for medium depth hole drilling and Long (SDXL=250 tons) for deep drilling.

    Grandtech drill pipe slip has the following features and technical data:


    · Simple structure
    · Easy to operate
    · High hardness dies and high wear resistance
    · Forged material for highest strength



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