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Replacement Shale Shaker Screen for Derrick/Mi-Swaco/NOV Brandt

GRANDTECH replacement screen panels are made of proven high quality wire cloth combinations with an high premium, precision punched patterned plate to improve the separation efficiency of the shale shaker while extending screen panel running life. The GRANDTECH OEM replacement screen panels are engineered to meet the exactly design specifications of the OEM shale shaker and able to be installed directly on the unit using the stock tensioning system in place. GRANDTECH manufactured replacement screen panels are available in a variety of mesh combinations to best suit the needs of your drilling program. Such as the flat type, the pyramid type, and the composite frame screen panel is available as well. The Mesh from API35 to API 325 is available.

    The Main Advantages As Following

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    *Premium wire cloth: The wire cloth with high performance which complies with ASTM composite frame consists of high strength plastic and glass composite material that is reinforced with high-tensile strength steel rods are use for Grandtech replacement shale shaker screen panels.

    *The advanced producing technology: The longer screen panel running life and lower operation cost is benefit from the four-side pre-tensioned screens on composite frames, but nothing tension technology for heat press from our competitors.

    *Long operational life with lower cost: GRANDTECH replacement shale shaker screen panels’ working life is over three times longer than similar products in China. The average working life is over 350 hours,but the cost is lower than 50% the western brand products.

    *Conform to API RP 13C: GRANDTECH replacement shale shaker screen panels support the API RP 13C screen labeling practice and has implemented this labeling on our complete screen panel product offering. API’s NEW API RP 13C (ISO 13501), the industry's standard for physical testing and labeling procedures of shaker screens.


    GRANDTECH replacement shale shaker screen panels include the following brands, but is not limited to: 
    Derrick® Equipment Company: Hyperpool shale shaker screen panel, FLC 2000 shale shaker screen panel, FLC503/504 shale shaker screen panel
    NOV® Brandt™ National®: King Cobra shale shaker screen panel
    M-I SWACO®: Mongoose PT shale shaker screen panel

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