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Replacement Bop Spare Parts for RongSheng and ShenKai BOP

GRANDTECH Provide the high quality original or replacement BOP parts for Chinese brand and American brand, such as RongSheng, ShenKai, Cameron and so on. Including all types: Annular BOP, Single Ram BOP, Double Ram BOP, Shear Ram BOP. The working pressure is 2000psi-15000psi (14 Mpa-105Mpa),The Operating temperature is from -18deg to 121deg(0.4F-250F), the Bore size is 7 1/16″-21 1/4″, the top & bottom connection is Flanged and studded.

    Product description

    • BOP-Parts1hmv
    • BOP-Parts2xco

    The main accessories of the blowout preventer (BOP) include shear ram, pipe ram, blind ram, variable diameter ram, packing, top seal, front seal, piston, shell, valve cover, etc.

    The shear ram consists of an upper ram body, a lower ram body, an upper seal, a right seal, a left seal and a tool face seal. The tool face seal is located in the front groove of the upper gate valve body, with right seal and left seal on both sides. Shear rams are installed in the blowout preventer in the same way as ordinary rams. But the hanger of the main piston needs to be replaced. Otherwise, it is not available.

    The pipe rams are used with single or double ram blowout preventers (BOP). The size of the gate matches the outside diameter of the pipe. It can be closed between the pipe rod and the well annulus.

    The blind rams are used in single or double ram blowout preventers (BOP). It can be shut down when there is no pipeline in the well or there is a blowout.

    As an improved ram, the variable-diameter ram can seal around drill pipes of various sizes. It has the advantages of low cost and easy use. Its well sealing mechanism is explained. The finite element model was used to simulate the working process of the variable-diameter ram, and its stress distribution was analyzed, which provided a basis for the optimal design of the variable-diameter ram blowout preventer.

    There are two types of packing elements for annular blowout preventers (BOP): special type and taper type. The packing element is composed of a main body composed of independently innovative rubber-based polymer alloy materials and a high-strength metal frame, which complies with American SATM D412, 16A, D2240, D624, and D471 standards. It is suitable for oilfield drilling operations and has a higher cost performance compared with other similar types of packing elements.

    The other BOP parts we provide are all from original/OEM manufacturers and they are 100% interchangeable with the OEM.

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