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Plastic or Steal or Combined Tubular Thread Protector

Tubular thread protectors are frequently used in the oil and gas drilling and tubular transportation. Tubular thread protectors are used to protect tubular threads during the tubular transportation to oil and gas well sites or warehouses. Tubular thread protectors are typically made from high-quality plastic or carbon steel, or a combination of high-quality plastic and carbon steel. Customer can choose the tubular thread protectors of different materials according to their requirements.

    product description

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    In order to safeguard pipe threads during transportation to the oil and gas fields, thread protectors are widely used in the oil and gas sector. Steel or plastic are typically used in the production of thread protectors.

    Our thread protectors come in various colors to meet client requests and are utilized for thread connections of BTC, STC, LTC, EUE, NUE, NC, IF, FH, REG, PH-6, XT, HT-PAC, and casing, tubing, and drill pipe with sizes ranging from 2-3/8 to 20 in.

    Thread Protectors are used to protect those critical threads while in storage and transportation or just moving around the pipe yard. It conforms to API safety & usage standards. Oilfield Thread Protectors are made to fit both Pin and Box pipe ends.

    Maximum Protection for tool joint threads.
    Maximum Protection for tool joint seals.
    Maximum Protection from Corrosion.
    Impact Protection during handling & transportation.

    Drill pipes, drill collars, drill subs, and other drilling tools are all protected against thread damage by heavy-duty plastic drill pipe thread protectors. To guarantee the thread protectors' impact strength, stress crack resistance, and low temperature resistance, HDPE and other materials are used in their construction. Our heavy duty plastic thread protectors have an elegant appearance, a high strength, good rigidity, are simple to load and unload, have a reasonable and scientific structural design, and are made with cutting-edge technology to guarantee the high quality of the product.

    Thread protectors for NC, REG, IF, FH, DSTJ, VX, VF, HT, and PAC connections are among the connections for which we can manufacture them.

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