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Oilfield Drilling Solids Control Horizontal Centrifugal Sand Pump

Grandtech Sand pumps are widely used in solids control systems. It can be placed inside the mud system before the de-sander and mud cleaner to transfer drilling mud to the cyclone unit, which is equipped with the jut mud mixer unit as the mud mixing pump. The sand pump can be used as a trip pump for mud supplement under wells and a supercharging pump to transfer drilling fluids to the high pressure rig mud pump. Sand pump wet contacting parts with excellent wear resistance and high flow rate efficiency are required due to the solids in drilling fluids. Based on the materials used and the structure design.

    Product Description

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    Grandtech sand pumps are ideal for power transmission in desander, mud cleaner, and jet mud mixer applications. The SB series centrifugal pump can also be used as a filing pump and well-supplying pump equipment. The SB series centrifugal pump's design fully considers the matching equipment's ability to work under optimal conditions. The mechanical seal of the centrifugal pump is made of a high wear-resistant hard alloy, which ensures corrosion and wear resistance. Most spare parts can be exchanged for another brand. It is simple to operate and maintain and has a long service life.

    Grandtech Sand pumps are used to supply drilling liquid to desanders, and mud pumps at a specific discharge capacity and pressure. The centrifugal sand pump that the company has developed over the course of more than ten years of site applications and improvements is on par with similar products made abroad and is at the advanced level in the domestic market in terms of both sealing life and technical performance.
    Grandtech is able to provide kinds of sand pump and centrifuge pump replacement parts, the main brand including but not limited as follows: XBSY, MISSION, TSC, GN, tec.


    1. Pump casing is made of hard ductile iron alloy, which provides increased abrasion resistance.
    2. Pump impeller made of hard ductile iron alloy for longer life.
    3. High-quality no-adjustment mechanical seal ensures zero leakage and a longer operating life.
    4. To ensure reliable operation, all bearings are of the highest quality.
    5. The sand pump is equipped with two drive types: belt drive and electro motion. It is feasible to design and provide new products that specifically meet the needs of customers.

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