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Drilling Mud Pump Pulsation Dampener for KB75/KB75H/KB45/K20

Pulsation dampener (mud pump spare parts) is commonly used in drilling mud pump. The discharge pulsation dampener (mud pump spare parts) should be installed on the discharge manifold and can be made of steel alloy shell, air chamber, gland, and flange. The air chamber must be inflated with nitrogen gas or air. However, the inflation of oxygen and other flammable gases is strictly forbidden.

Pulsation Dampeners increase pump system efficiency by removing pulsating flows from piston, plunger, air diaphragm, peristaltic, gear, or diaphragm metering pumps, resulting in smooth continuous fluid flow and metering accuracy, eliminating pipe vibration, and protecting gaskets and seals. A Pulsation Dampener installed at the pump's discharge produces a steady flow that is up to 99% pulsation-free, protecting the entire pumping system from shock damage. The end result is a more durable, safer system.

The mud pump's Pulsation Dampener assembly, which has a maximum pressure of 7500 psi, and the volume is 45Litre or 75Litre or 20 gallon. It is made of premium alloy steel, either 35CrMo or 40CrMnMo or even better material by casting or forging, high machinery performance. We can produce it to fit practically any kind of mud pump or customize it to your specifications. The main type of pulsation dampener is KB45,KB75,K20, which is applied for the mud pump of BOMCO F1600,F 1000 HHF-1600, National 12P-160 etc.

    Features of Pulsation Dampener for Mud Pump

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    • Drilling-Mud-Pump-Pulsation-Dampener-for-KB75-KB75H-KB45-K2038lr
    1. Available in a variety of materials to accommodate a broad spectrum of uses, steel 4130 Low-Temperature Resistance Alloy is used to forge the pulse dampener.
    2. The bladder's lifespan is extended by the precise inside chamber size and surface roughness of the Pulsation Dampener
    3. Single-piece forged bodies offer a stronger body and a smoother interior surface.
    4. The large top cover plate allows quick diaphragm replacement without removing the body from the unit.
    5. API standard bottom connection flange with an R39 ring-joint gasket.
    6. Field-replaceable bottom plates eliminate costly shop repairs and downtime.
    7. The heavy-duty cover protects the pressure gauge and charge valve from damage.

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