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API 7K Premium Casing Slip equivalent to NOV

The Casing Slips are specially developed to handle casing tubular during oil and gas well drilling, and are used while adding or removing joints from the drill string. The casing slip is composed of a slip piece, a slip tooth and a handle. The outside of the casing slips are tapered to accommodate a similar taper in the drilling floor. Removable segments and inserts accommodate for a wide range of casing and replaceable forged alloy dies provide a strong grip to eliminate the tubular from dropping down the hole.

Grandtech casing slips are designed and manufactured conform with API7K Specification for drilling and well servicing equipment.

The Casing slips can be wedged into the inner hole of the rotary table; The inner wall is enclosed into a round hole, which is equipped with a slip tooth. The casing slip are a four-piece structure connected by a hinge pin. Forged from a special high-grade alloy, Grandtech Casing Slips get their typical characteristics to perform under maximum loads in harsh environments.

The main type for casing clips is type CMS. The casing slip type CMS can handle casing tubular from 4-1/2 inch (114.3 mm) to 30 inch (762 mm) O.D.


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    Casing slips are mainly used in oil, natural gas and other drilling projects for holding and suspension casing. During the drilling process, the casing needs to be fixed to the well wall to prevent collapse and protect the well wall. Casing slips can effectively fix casing and ensure its stability and safety.

    Grandtech casing slip has the following futures and technical specification:


    · Forged material for better strength
    · Interchangeable with other brands
    · Suit for standard API insert bowls 
    · Large handling range, light weight and large contact area on the taper.

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